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Principal's Welcome

Principal Brenda Anziano

Welcome to Riverfield School for the 2019-20 school year! Riverfield is a vibrant community with great students, families, and staff. As the leader of Riverfield, I work closely with everyone to ensure that each student reaches their full potential! I have been the Principal of Riverfield since 2008.  

I began my career as a third-grade teacher in Meriden Connecticut. It is my classroom teaching experience that grounds me every day in my leadership. I believe all children can learn and should all be afforded a rich and challenging experience. I believe that families are vital to our work. I believe teachers must be supported by me to do their best work.  What I don’t believe in is just ordering people to do things. I believe in grabbing an oar and rowing with them! 

Every year we select an All-School Book to focus our community learning. This year’s book is Everybody’s Welcome, by Patricia Hegarty. It’s a timely, vital, and comforting story that will inspire useful conversations about caring, charity, and empathy. Through this story, children will learn how important it is to extend a generous hand to those in need, whether neighbors in crisis, a friend with a problem, or a family immigrating to a new country. The message of the book will inspire us throughout the year and will be the focus of our daily lives and our monthly All-School Meetings. Thank you to our P.T.A for sponsoring the purchase of our All- School Book for each classroom.

In addition to emphasizing high academic achievement, physical fitness, school celebrations, and community service, we work diligently to create good citizens. We begin each day by reciting our student-created school pledge, which is based on our school acronym, RFLD “We pledge each day to be Responsible and Respectful, Friendly and Fair, Leaders and Learners, Determined and Dedicated, and to do our best and have fun learning.” We strive to make our classrooms rigorous academic communities that are caring, empathetic, and collaborative, which promotes a positive classroom culture and a strong sense of community among students.

Please visit other areas of our website to learn more about our school community and discover what makes us GREAT! 

Shine on Brightly,

Brenda Anziano, Principal